I think it's time for my "yearly" post, although I missed 2007. Hello to everyone who may see this. And to everyone who will not (in vain).

The Latest Round of Mac Ads (TV)

Although I don't forsee myself willingly using a Macintosh computer any time in the near future, I try to get along with them. Really, I try.

But then something silly happens, like the new television spots. The review by Slate sums up my views pretty well.

Additionally, I would like to highlight one further misleading claim: the whole restarting thing. Simply put, my PC (for example) has a restart time that is so long that I don't know what it is (see an earlier post).

Shakespeare in the Park

Earlier this evening, I attended a production of Julius Caesar in Forest Park. The play was wonderful, but unfortunately, that's not the point. valimagdon, _oververbose, pinkisevul, centipede_punk (I think), and some other people to whom I am unable to link for want of their usernames (or at least my knowledge of them) (acronym for all: DEEJMMNPST [because it's fun {insert tertiary parenthetical comment here (I really need to check into 2D writing)}]).

It was supposed to be free...

Afterwards, we went to My^k_cus's (hey, no LaTeX here!) place. When I entered, I held up a piece of paper and proclaimed, "This is what Shakespeare cost me!" I had gotten a $25 parking ticket for being in the park too late. Obviously, this does not make sense.


This morning, I was thinking about how the situation in Overland must be an embarrassment to the St. Louis area. However, it seems that not many news sources outside the area are reporting it. I will go on the record as saying that she doesn't seem to understand how government works, and that her actions are generally detrimental to the integrity of the region.


The world would be a better place without Scientology.

People who are using Scientology-provided web browsers might not be able to read this. I was going to link to an article, but I can't find one in less than 30 seconds, so instead I'll link to a possible cause for that.
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Summer Reading List

Parkway School District has removed Goodnight Moon from the 2006 update of its Summer Reading List. That was my favorite book when I was about 2. Pause for reflection...

Other classics that are apparently considered too outdated include The Carrot Seed, Curious George, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Where the Wild Things Are.

The middle school and high school lists haven't been updated since 2002 and 2000, respectively. I've hardly begun to consider the consequences of their next revisions.
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